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‘Cause sometimes you gotta do a little trolling. (Hi, Reddit)

The #3 top rated post on Reddit’s /r/pics at the moment contained a hotlink to an old Red Foreman image of ours. (Specifically this one). The entire thread is a ‘kids today on the internet…

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Custom Paper Toys

If you enjoy a little papercraft may I suggest you take a look through Custom Paper Toys where you’ll find all kinds of free downloadable templates for fun paper toys plus custom designs for some…


Jim Carrey is The Black Swan

From this weekend’s Saturday Night Live here’s host Jim Carrey taking on the Mila Kunis role in Black Swan.

Saturday Night Live Black Swan


I’ll have to say love is a battlefield with these songs

Double celebrity birthday wishes means two videos for our interwebheads today. Happy, happy, to Pat Benatar and the late Jim Croce. Below you’ll find Benatar’s “Love is a Battlefield“, and…


Permanent Star Wars LEGO Miniland on its way

Okay, I’ve never been to California’s LEGOLAND, but the news of a permanent Star Wars Miniland area makes me want to make the trip. If this image of a freakin’ huge LEGO Millennium Falcon doesn’t…


This is the Blu-ray you’ve been looking for

We’ll still have to wait nine more months, but Star Wars is finally coming to Blu-ray.

Star Wars blu-ray trailer



You’ll have to forgive us if we limp our way into 2011. Teh ‘monkey is lost in the Ohio wilderness, lintly is busy writing love letters to Jason Statham, Shadow is still “experimenting” on the…


The Good Little Bunny with the Big Bad Teeth

As the title suggests, this animated short by Jessica Borutski is about a good bunny with bad teeth.

The Good Little Bunny with the Big Bad Teeth


Jon Bon Jovi talks with Larry King

I caught some of this last night and thought it worth sharing. You’ll find the other parts of Jon Bon Jovi’s inteview with Larry King after the jump.


The art of Xavier Gallego

Xavier Gallego is a Barcelonian designer/illustrator/artist living in New York. Take a gander at move of his work here.